Impact Investing and Performance is part of our DNA and at the core of everything we do

Investment Capital can help meet large-scale global challenges

Long term financing can boost growth in companies seeking a better future

Achieving investment market returns is compatible with obtaining positive environmental and social impact

We want to make a difference and generate social and environmental impact for our clients and investors

Impact investment management – Unlock the potential for outperformance and systemic change

Innovative Impact Investment

provides its investors with highly specialized alternative investment vehicles and opportunities whose “raison d’être” is to generate a triple positive social, environmental and economic impact.

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is a Multi-Family Office committed to help individuals, families, endowments, foundations, and other institutional investors or investment advisors align their values ​​with their investments to generate a positive social and environmental impact.

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A much needed change

We are the reflection of change, a change in the way society produces and consumes, a change in the use of the available resources and a change to reduce inequalities.

We want to be part of the change in order to achieve a sustainable future for all, face global challenges and set a legacy that will protect the planet, which will secure society’s prosperity and eradicate poverty.

We want to help those individuals, institutions, families, and businesses that share our vision and objectives, by offering flexible innovative investment solutions and advice through our asset and wealth management divisions, that allows all stakeholders generate both meaningful returns and social and environmental impact.

Catalytic investing to foster sustainable development


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Zubi Capital Asset Management lanza el primer fondo de venture capital de impacto en diversidad e inclusión en España

Zubi Capital Asset Management launches the first diversity and inclusion impact venture capital fund in Spain