Long term financing to boost growth in companies seeking a better future

Flexible loans that adapt to the requirements of your company

We support those companies technology based with great potential

Impact Venture Debt

Long term financing with limited dilution for Impact Ventures. A new financing tool less dilutive for entrepreneurs.

What are we looking for?

Companies that are trying to solve social/environmental challenges

Companies with mid-term repayment capacity

Strong growth based on technology

12-18 months to Breakeven

Flat EBITDA or loss due to growth

A much needed change

Born during the healthcare crisis. We are the reflection of change, a change in the way society produces and consumes, a change in the use of the available resources and a change to reduce inequalities.

We want to be part of the change in order to achieve a sustainable future for all, face global challenges and set a legacy that will protect the planet, which will secure society’s prosperity and eradicate poverty.

We want to help those businesses that share our vision and objectives, hence, we are offering a flexible financing tool, impact venture debt, that allows founders to focus on their businesses and grow strong.

Financing for a sustainable development

There is a financing need for small and medium companies due to the sanitary crisis, the fund is set as a financing alternative for business models with positive social and environmental impact.

We are offering debt to those companies disregarded by the traditional investment schemes with the additional objective of affecting the Sustainable Development Goals positively.

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