Our Legacy

The universe in which we live is shaped by the actions of the companies that develop in it. Zubi Capital exclusively supports companies that ensure the best possible future.

We pay special attention to those companies that contribute directly to the Sustainable Development Goals in order to eradicate poverty and inequalities, protect the planet and ensure a sustainable development.

We want to save and create new jobs, helping to finance the growth of companies that bear in mind social and environmental rentability.

Our purpose and mission is to contribute to the main global challenges. In order to achieve these objectives, we have worked on a logic model that allows us to establish investment criteria in terms of impact and in this way define KPIs adjusted to each step in order to monitor the impact and maximize it. This process has been carried out using a Theory of Change (ToC), a model that allows to observe the causal relationship among activities and their impact: what impact is produced as a result of the main activities.

Our Theory of Change (ToC) has two differentiated outcomes, the first, with a short-term focus, concentrates on COVID19-affected companies recovery, with the aim of saving the innovative business fabric, foster employment and minimizing the socioeconomic impact. The second outcome, with a long term view, focuses on supporting those matters with high social impact and are facing social and environmental challenges through technology.

COVID Recovery

The fund is willing to help COVID-19 affected companies in the short-medium term

Sectors where other investors quitted due to high uncertainties and where we find high impact companies with great potential

Investment thesis is closely related to quality job generation and investment in R&D&I

Better future

We have established a long term global ambition investing in companies that hold the idea that a better future is possible.

The impact themes on which we will focus are divided between social and environmental themes.


  • Quality Employment
  • Education
  • Demographic Challenge
  • Health
  • Poverty
  • Gender Equality


  • Climate Change
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Infrastructures

We invest into innovative technologies that offer a global solution to each of those challenges. We have a wide investment policy integrating that of many other impact funds with whom we co-invest.

Richard Branson

“…In the past, people left to political and social workers to solve the world’s problems, while businesses only created jobs and wealth. I think now many business leaders have realized that all companies must became a force for good…”

Richard Branson, Virgin CEO & founder.